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Are you monitoring CPU/Memory/Disk Usages to get live graphs

  • can someone share their experience on monitoring live graphs (hrly/daily/wkly/mnthly/yrly) of CPU, Memory and Disk I/O usages.

  • i dont understand the question ?

  • Though i got it working, still will explain. I wanted to monitor the performance of CPU usages, memory usages and disk usages of all machines in my VSA. Modified counters already present in Kaseya named CPU, Memory & physical disk drive usages and applied on few of workstations and servers. fetched graphical report from those machines by creating reports. Results were as desired. Now I can go to Monitor>Agent Monitoring>Monitor Logs and see the past, present progress of CPU usages, Memory utilisation etc of the mahcines. Now applied these counters to all machines in my VSA and I can see past and present status of CPU, Memory utilisation of any machine of 1 day or of 1 week or of 1 month or of 1 year.

    Hope I could explain well and if it is helpful for someone.

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