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Server Hard drive failure

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Noticed this am the hard drive on our kserver was sounding funny.  Ran a utility and found the hard drive was starting to fail.  We have reinstalled Server 08, and applied all the updates.  I am currently installing all the .net and sql programs.  ( Old hard drive will load, but don't want to push it if I don't need to)

Question: How do we move our current data base over?  Of course we will install the upgrade which we had not done before.  Plan to do the installation early in the am, so if there are any thoughts or suggestions, please post.

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  • I recommend you call support for help with this issue.

  • back it up and restore it under the system tab

  • Firstly do a backup from within Kaseya as Michael suggests.  But also do some backups using SSMS just in case.

    I'd then do a fresh install and create what's effectively a empty database.  Then I'd do a backup using Kaseya then swap the file that's created with the backup from your old server for the new one then perform a restore.

    You'll also want to make sure you have a copy of the folder that Kaseya was installed on the old server - usually c:\kaseya as it'll contain any modifications and uploads etc.

    Leave it for a day or so then do your upgrade - I'm assuming that it's the 6.2 upgrade.  Also do the manual Live Connect update that's available.

    As zippo mentions call support as I'm sure some of them have done this many times before.  I'm going from experience but it was a while back.