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Retrieving Data from an INI file on several machines.

  • OK in our system we use a set of sotware that requires a unique port number to connect with the server for each computer. I'm trying to generate a table that displays the computer names and the port numbers (pulled from INI files) using an agent procedure.

    So far I've used: http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/27/p/597/2190.aspx#2190 Which was very helpful and now has me at the point where I have a CSV file on an individual computer that contains the computer name and the relevant port information. This is all working great.

    My issue is that I'd like to have this create a CSV file of all machines in one giant table, and the "Write Text to File" agent procedure step appears to only support local directories as it is taking neither mapped network drives or UNC paths. Since I need to extract this info from many computers (basically the entire network) doing this manually would be a real pain. Is there something I can use that will allow me to append info to the CSV file built into Kaseya? Or should I start brushing up on my VBScripting?

  • You could also create a custom field (Audit -> Machine summary -> New Custom field)  for your agents and then update this field within a procedure, the step is called "Update System Info"

    It is very handy to them add this custom field as a column to your Agent -> Agent Status page. You could run an Audit report that shows only the name of the agent adn this field, generating it as an Excel file which hopefully gets you the data you want in column-format.

    If you have the content pack, you'll find a step called "collect ping latency info" that shows this.

    Another option is to use a "Write to procedure log" step to write the variable to the procedure log, then run a report to find any lines matching a static pre-fix you use to the script step?

    E.g. Your step has "Port Number: #portnumber#" and your report looks for lines matching "Port Number*".


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  • This might help


    I may of updated the scripts.. ill take a look tonight and update this post if so.

  • Or .. use this technique

    In your script that creates the individual port.ini files on each machine , add a step that then does a get file

    Specify the source file as being the one created locally and then for relative path use the following


    This will load ALL the files into a single folder on the VSA .

    Each file will have a suffix being the machine/groupname and all will be in a csv format

    So you now have them all in one place , so easy now to merge them all into a single file by running some VB against them and having the VB consolidate all files into a single one.

    Let me know if I can help some more as I have dozen of working examples of this


    Paul Haaker

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