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Agent Install via GPO - Startup Script

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Hey folks, first post here.


I'm trying to deploy a Kaseya Agent to the machines in my building through Group Policy. In the policy, I've added a .bat file to Computer Configuration/Windows Settings/Scripts (Startup/Shutdown). The .bat file simply runs the already packaged installer with the /e to insure that it won't install if an installation is already present. The only line in the batch file is: "\\server\share\ksetup.exe /e"


Both the .bat file as well as the ksetup.exe are located on a network share that Everyone has read permissions for. This works fine for Win7SP1 computers. It is not working on WinXPSP3 computers.


On WinXPSP3 computers, when the machine boots up the agent is installed, and KaUsrTsk.exe is running, but AgentMon.exe is not and the agent is not configured/associated with the group or user credentials that the package was created with. If I manually launch AgentMon.exe it opens successfully (prompting to be pointed to a Kaseya Server and authorized) and an AgentMon.log file appears in %programfiles%\Kaseya\<Org##########>\.


The contents of this log file are as follows:


2012/01/26 15:48:26.607 [da0]: ***<<< Agent starts >>>***
2012/01/26 15:48:26.607 [d70]: Stop all DLL commands
2012/01/26 15:48:28.173 [da0]: Agent controls drivers: True
2012/01/26 15:48:28.173 [da0]: Agent version
2012/01/26 15:48:28.173 [da0]: Agent working folder is ""
2012/01/26 15:48:28.173 [da0]: File access log overflow protection is enabled. Limit period is 3600 seconds, entry count is 500.
2012/01/26 15:48:28.188 [da0]: Agent enters running state...
2012/01/26 15:48:28.188 [d54]: listenerthread: issue a pending I/O returns 997
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: UpdateShortcutDescriptionW() returns 0x80070002!
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: configKaDriver: OpenDeviceDriver() returns 0 handle 174
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: [DirMon] StartDirectoryMonitoring: Could not delete "c:\temp\DirContents.xml". Files detected during the previous Agent session that were not uploaded may never be uploaded. Delete "c:\temp\DirContents.xml" and restart the Agent.
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: [DirMon] Started monitoring "C:\Program Files\Kaseya\ALBCNT86068961827876\kMsgQUploadCfg"
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: Loading startup DLL commands...
2012/01/26 15:48:28.905 [da0]: End loading startup DLL commands.
2012/01/26 15:48:28.920 [e18]: kascInit: Opened socket 508.


Can anyone explain to me what is going wrong with this?

If I uninstall the Kaseya Agent though Add/Remove Programs and type the exact same line from my batch script into the command prompt it installs perfectly, but it will not install when run (as Local System, according to Microsoft's documentation) as a startup script.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  • Is there a reason you are not doing this through LANWatch and the AD integration to that?

    1. Run LanWatch on a DC in your domain

    2. View AD Users or View AD Computers

    3. Install Agent Policy

    Then your Kaseya server will build GPOs and apply them to the DC (maybe someone else has more details into the exact process behind the scenes).  After that when a user logs in or a computer reboots, the agent is installed.

  • Yes there is a reason. It's not a good one and I'd rather not get into it. (I'll start ranting...)

    This method is basically all I have to work with.