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Agent log retention question

  • Hi All,

    This is similar to a previous post i made about data retention

    I was looking at keeping event log and performance data for longer than 30 days but knew it'd slow down the VSA significantly

    I have looked at Agent > Log history, and discovered there is an "archive button"


    My question is - what does this do? If i select the check box and apply it, does that mean that after 30 days, the alarms for example, disapeer, and start from scratch? Do they get archived into the database?


    If they do get archived - this is FANTASTIC - but...What is the name of the table archive data would get stored in? 

    See screenshot below. 

  • from the help

    Log File Locations

    Monitoring data log archives are stored in the <KaseyaRoot>\UserProfiles\@dbBackup directory. This is to improve performance on systems where the database is on a different server. All other agent log archives are stored in the directory specified by the System > Configure > Log file archive path field.