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Agent Checkin on TCP/443 and web console

  • I have a specific need that will require that my agents check in to my kaseya server using port 443.

    I also want to use port 443 to access the kaseya web console. I decided to assign the IIS website to a specific IP and added another vNIC and added a second IP. My thoughts were that I can use 1 adapter for agent check in on 443 and I can use 443 on the IIS website for my web console access. It seems like the check-in is using all available NICs. Does anyone know how to specify which NIC it uses for listening?



  • Have you set a specific IP Address on each NIC or the same IP Address on both?

    If you set the same, it's normal that the agents can use both NIC (you can't define a specific NIC to use).

  • I typically accomplish this at the firewall level with a port forward.

    Run 5721 as your agent check-in address in your Kaseya server, and for your firewall forward port 443 to 5721 on your Kaseya server.

    This technique can also be used to run your agent check-in on port 80... one of my favorites for getting out through secure firewalls (unless someone's got packet inspection going on of course).