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Mac agent icon resizing too small

  • We are using custom icons for our mac agents to appear in the icon bar

    The icons are showing fine but they appear to be shown at 14 x 14 despite the tif file being 16x16 and showing normally when viewed in finder. As soon as you push the icon to an agent the icon shows as being smaller than the ones around it, which just makes it look....odd


    Anyone else seeing this?


    Kaseya are you resizing the icon when the agent loads it?


  • Hey Olly

    We have the same issue. Our Icon have faces in them and on windows they look great but on the macs the icons show up so small that you cannot see any of the expressions. We have tried 14x14 16x16, 18x18 and even 32x32 and still they look small. It would not matter as much if they were like the Kaseya default ones and were just different colors. The Agent Icon Tab under Site Customization does not show previews of the Mac icons, they all say just 'Custom Icon'

    I hope there is a way around this or a fix coming soon.