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AVG Licence's

  • Hi,

    I have removed AVG anti-virus via add remove programs but when i check in the Kaseya AVG menu it shows that they have not returned my licences.

    I have verified the machine's but that has just taken my licence's with out giving any back.

    Is there another way to Re-gain my AVG licences..????

  • Hi Zafar,

    Did you remove the AVG software only using the add/remove programs? I have found that unless I use the Security module (on the Kaseya VSA) to remove the AVG product, Kaseya keeps count as it doesn't seem to 'know' that it has been uninstalled.

    I would suggest trying the 'remove' button in Security> Configure> install/remove and see if this works. If it does not, you may need to install the AVG product back onto the machines first using the 'install' option in the same area, then once it has installed try a 'remove' again.

    There's probably a more elegant solution out there that someone else can provide, but this worked for me in the past when someone removed the avg via add/remove without doing it through Kaseya.


  • I believe that Phil is correct, you need to remove via the KES interface, not via Add/Remove programs on the local machine.

    The license is then returned to the "Partial" license pool. I think I recall that it will show immediately, but if not, it would be run a nighly system maintenance script runs.