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One agent ID for multiple machines

  • It appears this forum isn't carrying anything over from the old one, so...

    We use Neverfail, which does something interesting: it runs multiple servers with the exact same server ID, and even though they are all running at the same time, there is only one with a given name actually "active".   The other(s) are hidden by network filters.

    It's occurred to me that the best way to deal with this would be to replicate the Kaseya agent config files from the active server to the inactive one(s), so that they look to Kaseya like only one server.   Would this work?

    I'll never get agent connections from the inactive servers this way, but I don't really care so much about them being down, so long as one of them is up.  I could look into NF alerts for that.


  • Are they completely hidden from the network? I'd have thought you'd want Kaseya to see them as different servers in case of something like a hardware failure so you'd know which one to hit. I've never seen Neverfail though so don't know if it handles that sort of alerting for you already.