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We have just pushed out Mac agents to a couple of Mac books.

The problem is that when we try to start a VNC session, we are given an OSX login screen but we can't interact with the keyboard/mouse.

Does anyone have any idea about how to get this working?

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  • check the version number of the agent that they are running on the macs. Is it ?

    Go to Agent > Update Agent and check there. If not then install all the latest hotfixes for kaseya, choose the machine in Update Agent and then tick "Force update even if agent is at version" and update the agent.

  • Yeah both mac's are at

  • Having spoken to the techs here what we've found is that 50% of the time in KLC you go to a logon screen where you have to log on as the end user but when using the Remote module you get taken straight to their desktops. However the other 50% of the time in KLC you get taken to their desktops.

    We did have the exact issue you have described with OSX Lion clients but that was resolved after forcing an update (using the force update tick box). That particular problem hasn't come back since.

    Edit: Actually have just thought of it, if you are using KLC in a mac browser then we do have an issue with our mac based techs where the keyboard and mouse stop working in KLC when the tech is using Chrome or Safari on a mac. Kaseya have just said that this is a limitation of the browser, which is nonsense. We have to use IE in Windows running under VMware on those machines.

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