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Expoiting Contacts

  •  I have exported the contacts into CSV file but they are not Visible what should I do?

  • Hi! The usual restriction of a CSV file in MS Outlook is that it deprives that information from your contact details. So you have to convert all your contacts into vCard. To do this, please continue below:

    1. Select the Contact/s that you want to export in Outlook contact folder.

    2. Click File and then Save As.

    3. Under the Save File Types As, select the vCard Files or the .vcf

    4. On the Save in box, select the folder where you will save your contact as a vCard file and then click Save.

    You can now be able to make a backup of your vCard folder or you can also disperse those vCards by sending as a new message to your selected recipients. When the recipient clicks on your vCard, it will be automatically saved on their address book. When you want to import or export your contacts, select import vCard file or *.vcf.

    I have found a very useful website that can help you with your query. Just click this link to go directly: http://www.techyv.com/questions/unable-export-outlook-contacts-csv-file or you can also search your query in office.microsoft.com. Goodluck!