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Adding Exclusions To Modern Antivirus\Firewall Applications To Allow Kaseya To Run

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Is there a "central repository" of steps to configure exclusions for various antivirus programs? It seems like lately almost every antivirus\firewall app blocks the Kaseya Agent. Many times you don't realize that an exclusion setting has been missed until you get an hour down the road...


In particular I need steps for MS Security Essentials and the various current versions of  Kaspersky.


Also, can't Kaseya get  themselves whitelisted with the major AVS providers so we don't have to spend so much time setting up exclusions?


Thanks in advance!

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  • Great question .... mystery thing ... why KAV has not whitelisted kaseya?

  • Any news on this?

  • I second.

  • I PRAY that the agent NEVER gets white listed by AV vendors and i believe it will never happen.

    lets look at what the 2 products do


    it tries to stop people executing code to gain access to their machines


    It executes some code to gain access to the machine.

    if AV doesn't block Kaseya it's completely useless and it's VERY important to the reputation of BOTH products that the AV blocks it.

    lets think about it. You can use the agent as a very useful virus if you want, so if the AV didn't block it and it was used to hack people the reputation of both products would begreatly reduced.

    Even in your environment were you want to use the agent in a lawful manner you dont want to blanket allow the agent to run because there is nothing stopping a second agent from being run that could cause major damage. You want to only allow your kaseya  files to run in your unique working directory and agent install dir this stops other agents from being installed and running.

    There could be nothing worse for all of us than a blanket allow from the AV vendors.    

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