We recently started to test the "auto learn" feature for some monitor sets and we feel that there is great potential here by using customized thresholds. We have however encountered what we believe is a bug and I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

After the learning period is over, the counter thresholds have custom learned values in place. In some cases we wanted to change the custom value and so under the Assign Monitoring section if you click on the auto-learned monitor set icon you can go in and change the values to whatever you'd like. Se we changed some values and then found we were still getting alerted on the old values. Here for example is an email alert that shows the problem:

Monitoring generated Counter ALARM at 6:03:36 pm 2-Nov-11 on test.servers.test.-
Monitor Set: Server - Base Performance Monitor
Type: Counter
Log Object Name: % Committed bytes In Use
Event Time: 10:03:36 pm 2-Nov-11 UTC
Log Value: 48.779289
Alarm Operator: Over
Alarm Threshold: (Auto Learn) CalculatedThreshold 65 % Committed Bytes In Use
Alarm Duration: 25 Minute(s)

So it appears that the monitor set sees our desired 65% value as the threshold yet we're getting alerted at 48% which was the old auto-learned value.  Can anyone else confirm that retweaked auto learned values are working on their system?