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Kaseya, Subscription models for all

  • So a little bit of history.

    When Kaseya first started they came to the industry with a robust management software platform that was based on a fixed cost and a small maintenance fee after you own the licenses for your product.  It was up to you whether or not you wanted to continue the maintenance after the fact.

    Now it seems Kaseya has gone to a straight forward subscription based model for everything they sell.

    Items that are now subscription

    1. KAV (makes sense, at least license usage starts when KAV agent is installed)
    2. KAM (same as above)
    3. KOB (doesn't make sense, can't figure out how having the software on the machine costs Kaseya any money) also costs money if KOB is full of bugs and wont work correctly.
    4. KMDM (doesn't make sense as a subscription, is a static piece of software, currently way over priced, either $110.00 per seat + maintenance or $36.72 per year subscription) [license starts when agent is PURCHASED not when its actually being used.
    5. KDSU (doesn't make sense as a subscription, should actually be part of the VSA server) ( $10.00 per seat per year )

    These are just the few pieces of software my company has been looking to use but at this point since Kaseya has decided to go basically all straight subscription for everything, we're looking at other platforms, after being with them for almost 4 years now.

  • Ive always been quite positive and defensive but I have turned as well..

    To me it appears that every new module they release has vision, intent, direction and then when it comes to put it in = FAIL.

    KAV, KAM, MDM, Network Discovery, Appasure enterprise monitoring every one of these modules I have said "I WANT" when they announce it., And then when it finally comes out its like, is that it?  Not to mention the timeframe promises, it was a year a go the CEO told me they were replacing VNC, new version of KAV was meant to be released in Feburary / March this year.

    To me the tools are meant to make your job easier and I often find they make them harder, to me Kaseya has a team of "software developers" designing products rather than actual MSPs and thus its not practical and wouldnt include many features you would expect.  All these support issues a on their modules such as A/V and backup. I buy these products to lower my support overheads and I end up spending more time supporting individual issues than I would if I had just left the customer with Trend or whatever they had to begin with. In addition the fixes from support is always to logon to each PC's individually, run diagnostics and the like. I buy an RMM tool so I dont have to logon to PCs, I buy an RMM tool so I can centrally administer things rather than going to every desktop and making exceptions and changing registries. I buy an A/V module so that all the scripting work is done for me and I dont have write my own scripts to fix bugs in the product.

    The last part is that we have only been a Kaseya partner two years, in that time we have had three price rises. The most recent price rise is 60%. The MSP space is getting more and more competitive, partners need to be competitive. We structure our contract over three years and as each day goes on I am finding the product to fail more and be less practical, howe can  Kaseya justify a 60% price increase in a product we are finding is doing less and less for us.

    Any other RMM vendors reading this, now would be a create time to offer a cross-grade to existing Kaseya partners..  

  • @MCSnetworks - to be clear the goal is that you can get whatever you want in whatever licensing model you like best.  The only exceptions to that which have always been exceptions is  KES  and KAV and KAM and KSDU.  These modules all have updates that occur on a regular basis to make the modules effective definitions, catalogs etc.    All other models are available either in a perpetual or subscription license model.  The driving force behind pushing the subscription model into all our products is because customers asked for it.  Pay as you grow.  Shoot me an email and we can setup a phone call to discuss some of your concerns if you like.   Also, if you have a perpetual license (you own a license) and want to cancel maintenance you can, but then you won't get updates or support.

    @lenski - I have forwarded your post on to the right eyes, but also am concerned with what you're getting in terms of pricing.  There are so many variables to it, and what you've described just doesn't sound right.  Let me know if you'd like someone to contact you about pricing and your situation.

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  • Brendan,

    Yes I am interested.

  • Brendan,

    Why are the AV engines so darn OLD?

    Why are you not planning to update KES until next summer. I have taken on clients that I have to ROLL them to our OLD KES. They had NEWER all ready installed. Why is there such slow development in thie area?

  • @Brendan the Kasyea site says that KSDU is available as a perpetual license, is this true?

  • @vision - KES is being updated as you read this.  Controlled release coming early-mid Q1.  

    @damianstalls - No KSDU is not available as a perpetual licence.  Subscription only because of the use of ninite which requires a subscription to ensure the catalogs are updated similar to AV definitions.