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illegal software audit report??

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Is there a more detailed audit report which shows which PCs in particular are using a shared/conterfeit key? (i recently ran an audit on a new small network and want to ensure that there Office & OS are fully legal...)


The software license report I ran says for example that there are 12 copies of WinxP and that 7 are unique so does that mean 5 are using a shared key?? - if so, which PCs and what key????

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  • Audit -> Software Licenses

    The licenses in red are licenses found on multiple machines.  You can right click on line in question and choose "view license detail".  That will show you the list of machines that are using that license.

    Just because it's listed in red and multiple machines are using it doesn't mean it's illegal.  They may have a volume license. Or it's a OEM key (Dell, etc)

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  • Thanks very much, I will try is as soon as I can

  • There arent any red licenses, would I need to go through each PC looking for red lines?

  • Yes, licenses are per machine

  • Duplicate licensing doesnt show up in red, I phoned support and they confirmed it too :/

  • Kaseya needs to fix that then.  It clearly states in the documentation:

    "Duplicate License Keys

    Duplicate license keys found on more than one machine display in red text. Clicking the number link next to the title of a duplicate license lists the machine IDs using the duplicate license."