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Check if Agent Checked in to Primary or Secondary Address

  • What is the quickest way to tell if an agent if checked in to the primary or secondary server address?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Agent -> Agent Status

    Selected Columns -- add Primary KServer column


    EDIT:  You also just hover over the agent icon and the popup has the information in it also.  You'll have to scroll down.

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  • My understanding was that showed what the primary and secondary server configuration is set to.  Does that indiciate which address the machine is currently checked in through?

    I have been having some issues with one of my Internet connections and I wanted to verify which one clients are using.

  • If the agent is set to checkin to an address, it should be checking into that address -- barring any DNS TTL issues.

    I don't know the answer to your exact question, I've only experienced running a single kserver.

    You could compare the IP address of the client found in Agent Status to the output of a netstat on your KServer.

    Run "netstat -n | findstr "PORT"

    Where PORT is your KServer port