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Disable Live Connect's VPN?

  • Can anyone see how I can disable this from User Roles? There seems to be a way to remove almost everything else from KLC, but not the new VPN feature.

    I'd prefer that it wasn't available until we've had a chance to test it properly.

  • I can't see a method of disabling it for a user role either, and I'd much rather our sales people didn't have the ability to create virtual network interfaces on people's machines :)

    I've logged a ticket, hopefully it's just an omission.

  • Ah, would you believe it, it's intentional.

    "No this functionality cannot be enabled/disabled currently. We can set this as a feature request is that is your preference. Please let us know."

  • Yep... needs to be added. K, please add this to your feature requests list.

  • How is it even possible that a feature like this is added without the possibility to disable it?

    Please fix this as soon as possible.

  • looks like a hotfix is on the way guys

  • Looks like it arrived - I can now enable/disable KLC VPN for User Roles!