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Slow Connectivity

  • Any tips or tricks on how to improve connectivity to an agent? Live Connect seems to take forever either on our LAN or via our WAN and I am confused as to why it should take so long. It sits there forever and then sometimes will connect after 10-15 min but other times it will not. Thanks

  • There is a script you can run on all you machines to push out the live connect files prior to you trying to live connect.

    If you have increased the agent checkin time you will have slowed live connect and other proccess down

  • Hi Michael,

    I may have an older version of the script that you are talking about. Are you able to confirm if you have tested this after upgrading to 6.2 as it no longer works for us.

    @dhcolvin - we are experiencing the same issue. We are currently upgrading our internet connection to a 4/4 mpbs dedicated connection which will hopefully resolve.

  • I have used the Preinstall RC tool and that did not help. We are mostly XP with one Windows 7 machine so is one of these remote control utilities better than the other? I know K-VNC has to be used for Win7 but this makes no sense why it would be so slow even on a LAN