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get size of a folder/directory

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is there any way from KLC to get the size of a folder?

i know i can use file manager to navigate the file tree.


i don't want to have to write a script for this... simply right click a folder and get the size... without having to do a desktop session.

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  • Doesn't "dir" show you this info?  If you need recursive, "dir /s"  - To fiter out the junk, "dir | find "File(s)" "  -- this in a command prompt, of course.

  • i guess that's an option, but it's a pain... can you refresh my memory on dos commands...

    dir | d:\directory\sub directory

    or do i need quotes when there are spaces?

  • you can install diskuse from sysinternals which will give you what you're looking for.

    I doubt you'll be able to get the info you're looking for without using something more powerful then the cli .... like powershell or diskuse.

    The cli is sort of limited .  You specified that you don't want to use a script, so that also will limit what your options are. As Dan said in the previous post, you could use dir but you'll have to do the math on the folder size to convert into mb or gb.

  • would using diskuse require desktop access?

  • no, diskuse is a cli tool

    command = du -s

    link = technet.microsoft.com/.../bb896651

  • you wouldn't even need to install it, just drop the du.exe file into your agent temp dir or in the system32 folder. Your command line access from klc opens in system32 path anyway, so it's not like you'd have to modify any env paths.