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A simple copy from UNC to Local Computer...

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It's been two hours now with no success.  It doesn't fail in Kayesa running through the procedure steps.  It fails on actually performing the steps--it never copies.

I have

Procedure name
 - Always True
    - User logon credentials
    - execute shsell command copy \\server.local\Apps\folder\filename.bat C:\Program Files\folder\folder\filename.bat as system account

Also tried

Procedure Name
- Always True
  - copy file \\server.local\Apps\folder\filename.bat to target \\server.local\Apps\folder\filename.bat C:\Program Files\folder\folder\filename.bat

Is there something wrong with the procedure?

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  • you can't use system account as system would not have access to the network share. You need to impersonate a user that access to the share then run the execute shell command as user.

    also you dont need the always true bit anymore - that is assuming your on K2

    first one should work fine

  • MMartin has it, your first script is correct, but on the Second step, choose 'Execute as logged on user' - this will actually enact the Use Credential step 1 you have there. Execute as system will ignore it.