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Auto assign default machine group for an organization

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I need to be able to assign a  default machinegroup for a support ticket that has arrived via email using procedures. The machinegroup needs to be linked to the organisation. 

I already have an organization called test and a machine group called devices.

Can anyone help please?

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  • you can set the org and machine groups in the "incident enters identified"  

  • i need coffee.......

    sorry for that last post...please disregard it :-)

    you can do this in the "Ticket Request Mapping"


  • Thank you but we have multiple organizations and I can get Kaseya to detect that an email is from a particular organization and complete that part for the servicedesk ticket. What do I need to set machinegroup to? If I try [$MachineGroup$] it does not work.

  • Richard you could do this for every domain,

    so setup an if statement for every ORG....if ORG=CUST A --> set MachineGroup = CUST A.DEVICES

    you can also use KDS, then all AD contact information will we imported and set automatically

  • We have possibly over 100 that we do not have AD information, is it possible to use variables to assign a group device to a ticket created for that organisation?

  • i haven't tried it but MAYBE you could do an SQL query based on the ORG and query for MachineGroups of that org (but i have no idea what the SQL statement should look like)

  • If I used the text test.devices (where test is the org and devices is the machine group) I can get it to update the machine id field on the ticket but when I use [$Organization$].[$MachineGroup$] it doesn't. If I wanted to use two variables in this way, have I got the syntax correct?