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Agents show online for a while and then always show offline

  • I'm relatively new to Kaseya so please pardon my ignorance. I'm having an issue (I'm on saas1) with agents... one in particular. We installed the agent on a Windows 7 computer and it shows online. Life is good and I can carry on about my business. After a few days (sometimes as little as one day) the agent goes offline and never comes back until reinstalling. This is getting frustrating. Any thoughts?

  • If the agent shows offline, verify this.

    -is agentmon.exe still running?

    -if so, does restarting the Kaseya Agent service work?

    -can you telnet to the kaseya server on port 5721?

    -do you have anti virus running on the computers?

  • I don't have direct access to the machine is the problem. I have to bother the user every time this happens (very non technical user too by the way). I know for a fact that this computer is running AVG Internet protect 2011 but that is all I can verify at the current time.