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Kaseya Linux Agent dies on Linux

  • Hi,


    Hope somebody can help!


    I've got about 100 linux servers (various versions of Fedora from 6 to 9 and 32/64bit)

    When I install the agent, everything works fine for a few days... but when a server gets restarted the agent refuses to start up. The only way for me to get it working is to rename the /opt/Kaseya folder and install the agent again.


    I get the following message when trying to start up a dead agent :


    /opt/Kaseya/KSY99906876289809604/bin/AgentMon: /lib/libz.so.1: no version information available (required by /opt/Kaseya/KSY99906876289809604/bin/AgentMon)

    Edit :

    Ok so I tailed /var/log/messages and here's what comes up :


    Aug 24 09:26:20 bld-fs AgentMon: Setting KSyslog mask file to /opt/Kaseya/KSY99906876289809604/tmp/kAgentMask

    Aug 24 09:26:20 bld-fs [AgentMon][19260]: Initializing KSyslog masks to 0x1f

    Aug 24 09:26:20 bld-fs [AgentMon][19260]: An instance of AgentMon already running. pid = 3349

    tI killed the pid and it started up fine. Any idea on how I can stop this from happening? if I do a ps -ef | grep (pid) the name of the process is (unlinked)



    [edited by: Riaad Abdulla at 12:35 AM (GMT -7) on 8-24-2011] Added additional info to problem as I found temporary workaround
  • You may need to raise a ticket.  I am running the Agent on various Ubuntu versions with no problems.

    Beware though that kaseya treats Linux like a Workstation (poor choice IMHO) so when you install the Agent you get extras installed like vsftpd which is terrible on a production server connected to the Internet.  Linux all shows up in places like the SDK view for "All Workstations".

  • This happen in Ubuntu 8.04 and 10.04 as well. Sometime i need to restart the agent manually after the restart. It seems to happen frequently with static IP assigned to the machine.

  • You can safely ignore the libz.so.1 message. I googled it after seeing it with my agents many times and its related to a bug in libz.

    As for the restart problems, if a ps shows no AgentMon running then remove the file /opt/Kaseya/KSY99906876289809604/var/pid

    and retry. That is the  pid of the most recently running process. The agent startup check to see if that process exists, but doesn't

    verify that its an agent running. So if the pid is reused, the check can fail. But if the pid file doesn't exist, the agent will start sucessfully.

    Gordon - Linux Agent Development Team

  • Thanks gordonp999 - that worked.

    It's really frustrating as now I can't tell if a machine is up or not with Kaseya monitoring!

  • > It's really frustrating as now I can't tell if a machine is up or not with Kaseya monitoring!

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. If a VSA says a Linux system is online then you can trust that. The only time the .../var/pid

    file is an issue is when the agent is restarted and the pid file contains an active pid which is not a Linux agent.

    As for monitoring, while the Linux agent doesn't support monitoring (its coming pretty soon), you can use the syscheck feature

    from a Windows (or possibly Mac) to see if any Linux systems which don't have agents installed are up or down.

    Gordon - Linux Agent Development Team