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Dual Monitor usage and how to "discover" it via the agent

  • Is there any way to audit or discover if an agents setup is using a dual monitor view?


    I was digging through the msinfo32 dumps on my Win7 Laptop and I found a reference under components for "Display" showing two IO ports and three memory address ranges that i thought may be related to the available displays (Two LCD monitors) and the laptop display might be the memory address ranges and the two in use may be the I/O ports but I'm not sure.


    If those values would represent the available outputs and in use displays then how could I scrape those up via the agent.

    Jeffery Estes





  • Here ya go.  I whipped this up using a WMI query.  It also takes into account if LogMeIn is installed, because LogMeIn acts as a display device for mirroring.

    The command below will output a number, which will be the number of monitors (displays) hooked up to the PC.  You can capture this number and use it in a script however you wish.


    wmic /namespace:\\root\cimv2 path Win32_PnPEntity WHERE "DeviceID LIKE '%DISPLAY%' AND NOT Caption LIKE '%LogMeIn%'" GET Caption /value | find /c "Caption="