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best practices on Agent

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  • Hi There,

    Could you elaborate a little more on exactly what you are after?

    If you are new to Kaseya: lms.kaseya.com/.../index.php
    If you are new and need support documents: www.portal.kaseya.com 

    There is no quick learning tool, it is probably a 3 month investment before you get comfortable. 

    The most important thing i think for Level 1 - 3 tech's in my opinion is:

    1. Monitoring - know what to monitor, when, where, how frequently,
    2. The Dashboard - how to use it to identify faults, 
    3. Patch Management is a pretty powerful tool to master
    4. Make sure you know SNMP intimately but be prepared to go bald pulling your hair out - it is complicated - and there is no point attempting it in Kaseya unless you have a good understanding of it before hand.

    Sorry if i sound like a "nay sayer", Kaseya is a wonderful product, you need to do some reading, and devise a list of questions.

    I am more than happy to write a help guide on every topic you are keen to learn about, i just need to know what you want to know ;

  • what i mean it.what are the things that i need to learn on the agent?