Any time we attempt to install the Kaseya agent via LANWatch we get the following error "Unknown user name or bad password".  I've gone therough all of the trouble shooting steps from KKB000636 which are as follows...

Copy kconnect.exe from kaseya server e.g. c:\kaseya\webpages\ManagedFiles\VSAHiddenFiles to c:\ on the machine on which you have been running LANWatch.

  1. Copy a version of the agent that includes the /r (force reinstall) switch in the package (this will force the install to proceed if some part of a previously failed Agent install still exists) to c:\ as well.
  2. From a command line at the root ( c:\ )of the LANWatch machine type the following command with MACHINENAME being the target machine for the agent:

kconnect \ \MACHINENAME -c -u domain\username -p password kcssetup.exe

Here are the results:

"C:\>kconnect.exe \\ -c -u administrator -p netelligent kcssetup.exe
Initiating Connection to Remote Service . . .
Could not connect to \\\ADMIN$


Unknown user name or bad password"

In short, we get the same results when we run kconnect locally rather than fromt within Kaseya.  Does anyone have suggestions, ideas or experience w/ this issue?

I'm open to just about anything.