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Monitor server Temperature through Kaseya

  • Hello Folks,

    Just had a Weird problem!!!!!!

    We had a Dell Open Manager which Monitors the temp of  servers.

    Can we monitor it through Kaseya to generate some alerts if temp goes beyond a defined threshold


    !!!!!!!  either through some scripts or else??????

  • Open Manager will dump alerts to the event log - make a Dell Open Manage Event Log set to monitor for those events...

  • Hi Yogesh

    I've found that in the past when this happens the event logs are often littered with errors.  This would have been mostly on HP servers but I should think they're not too different as I'm sure the errors were windows generated.  Will happily stand corrected though.

  • Yeah,,,,,that sounds Great..

    But would it be a BAD IDEA if i use SNMP monitoring for same?

  • Hi Yogesh

    I work with proprietary desktop machines and we have this type of information available to us in WMI. We wrote a procedure that reads that value, compares it to the high and low thresholds and then if they are outside of that we create a Windows Event log entry that we monitor for.  This way we only get what we want written to the event logs and it cuts down on false alarms.  Going foward I am hoping that the new monitoring tool provides us with native WMI monitoring and we can monitor the WMI field directly, I got the feeling it was going to be possible at the UC last month

  • We use dell openmanage / HP insight mangaer to do HW moniroring on physical servers has been working fine - they log to event logs and we then alert.