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Maintenance / Support Payments

  • I am hoping Kaseya can get involved on this post.  We are paying a lot of money each year for new features and releases.  I can't even say support is included because opening a trouble ticket is simply a big joke.  When I call I do get to speak to freindly australian staff that has not helped with any of my calls regarding Technical issues.  I have not seen any new features for the past year of maintenance I have paid.  Everything new Kaseya relases, it is an add on module.  If all new development Kaseya is doing is an add-on module then what are we getting for the maintenance and updates?  Can Kaseya let us know what we can expect in the roadmap that is not a separate add-on module that needs to be purchased?  I know Kaseya is a great tool but i Have paid dearly for it and was worth every penny for what I paid.  I have not seen any benefit from Maintenance Payments every month.  NO NEW FEATURES,  NO SUPPORT.  I will certianly reconsider my options and decide whether I need to renew my maintenance or not.  RIght now I feel it is a complete waste of my money.




  • There has been quite a lot of new stuff over the last year - new interface, scripting enhanced, live connect to name a few.  I have had much better responses from support in the six months also.

    That said I do think some of the add-on modules should be no cost -particularly the upcoming template management.  Most other MSP packages are much better at handling

    templates, and that makes it much easier to manage, and reduces mistakes.  Kasyea really need to lift there game on this.

    By the way, I think that if f you don't pay maintenance, you don't get any bug fixes or the latest patch updates.

  • I was MUCH happier with the performance of old version also roll out of the new interface was handeled very poorly.  Agaian I realize new interface is MUCH more stable now.   What frustrates me is when I see a new module getting introduced they are at additional costs.  I lwas glad when they introduced Kaspersky and we had a choice between the products for same price.  Appassure shold have been introduced the same way.  New AD feature should be included to MSP's at NO CHARGE and they need to contniuously add new features for MSP's that have already purchased the product and pay such maintenance fees.  I dont agree with the support at all.  I have not seen much improvement at all.

  • Has anyone checked out the Maintenance Fees of the other competitors? (i.e. LPI, LabTech, N-Able, etc) I'm starting to feel we pay a great deal of money on maintenance fees and see too little of a return. Is the competition charging 20%?

  • I'm pretty sure most software vendors charge around 20% for maint.

  • True, 20% is normal, but the "Addon's" are within the maintenance fee and that is the diffrence....and most addon's are beta moduls. I feel like a cash cow! The performance is pretty bad. I use an MAC, is impossilbe to work with as a technician. We have client's  with MAC systems, the remote control is most times like a dia show. I already complaint about this....there is not much.....and for me as a german, the 1$ =1EUR strategy gets me nuts, that means for example, the new KSDU(Ninite) Modul, cost 10$ per year, for 1000 Agents is 10000 Dollar.....I pay 10000 Euro for it, is 13469 Dollar. For ninite I pay just 185 Dollar a month(and here one dollar is just 0,74 Euro).  I wonder if anyone uses KLC? Our technician are loosing to much time with it. They just use normal remote control. I switch back to a Windows system to work with VNC.

  • Hey Guys! Look at KNM 4.1 ... it's a great feature ... look at Policy Management. Thanks to us, thanks to kaseya. Thanks for any feedback we've made.

  • To be honest, Kaseya wanted to be payed for Policy Management. The Community did the change for it. I have a price list.....and for KNM4.1 I must pay, u dont?

  • Hi Oliver.

    Look at: www.kaseya.com/.../pr-11102011-kaseya-delivers-integrated-network-monitoring-to-managed-service-providers.aspx

  • Hi Kai,

    thanks for the link. I did not get that information.....as a lot other information. I just got prices, and this are a few thousand. That is a very nice surprise.....kind of chrstimas gift...an early one....the release date for KNM4.1 is Q4?

  • Me again....a special promotion this quarter?....means only this year is free?

  • ... i don't know. But read all ... kaseya is not only these guys which collects our money, sometimes they look at ours ... ;-)