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Agent Update - Auto?

  • Hi,

    I just noticed many of our agents never updated to 6.1 after we upgraded approximately  45 days ago.  Is there anyway we can automate this process?  How are you all monitoring Agent version?  Is there a procedure we can write to check the version weekly and update if system does not have the latest version?

    Thank you


  • There's a checkbox on the top of the Agent->Update Agent page that will let you know at login if Agents need updating.  I would recommend doing a group at a time as the default setting will add a one minute offset to each agent update.  By selecting groups you can run several groups in a parallel.

  • Max I know about that but didnt realize agent was on an old version until I ran into an issue.  I wanted to know if there is a way we can automate it so in the future if I upgrade to a new version of K-Server agents are automatically updated or possible I can schedule a weekly procecdure to chcek agent vewrsion and upgrade if necessary.  

  • I know that this is an old articular but here is hoping it will bring it back to the top.

    I also would like to know this.

  • Bump!

    I would also like to know this.

  • I have also been trying to figure this out for a couple of days! Seems strange that you can automate other more complex functions!

  • Due to the number of agents we have this becomes a bit of a nightmare to try and push the latest update to the client machines.  Due to this I worked out what the script number was that ran when this was scheduled then using views in the system I push updates if it's not at the latest version.

    Truth be told that I only bother with servers at the moment and try and pick off workstations when I have the time (rarely) but it works well.

    I'd post the procedure but don't want the wrath of Brendan :+) as if Kaseya wanted us to be able to do it that way I'm sure they'd make it more accessible.

  • Alistair, This would be a great help to alot of us. Please, if at the very least, give some more detail so that some of us and try and recreate this. I would think that Kaseya would be fine with you posting directions and not just copy and paste the code.

  • Procedure Update Agent.xml

    I'd agree that it wasn't that big of a deal if updating an agent wasn't one of the first things K support asks whenever you put in a ticket.  I've also seen a simple agent update fix all sorts of issues so keeping all of your systems on the latest agent I think is very beneficial.  And having to manually update over 7500 agents is just seems ridiculous to me.

    So use this info if you wish.  No warranty or guarantees implied so use at your own risk.

    Check the dbo.scriptIdTab table in the ksubscribers database but it should be script id 132.  Should be listed as scriptID 132 and scriptName K Agent Update.  I would think this would be standard across all systems as it is an internal script so it should match what I've listed here.

    If it doesn't, manually modify the attached procedure specifying the correct script id.


  • That worked great for me. Thanks

  • DLCurtis

    Can you please export and procedure and attach for me if its working ??

  • How do you call a script by number?

  • I had a script to do the same thing, and in the same script I also ran the "Update LiveConnect" script. I then ran this on each agent weekly and chose to not skip if offline. Once we started doing this it did away with out of date agents (especially with minor revisions) and LC seemed better too.