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Questions about License Codes

  • I have three questions about license codes I was wondering if anyone could help.

    1. When I go to Audit - View Individual Data - Software Licenses, the text for some license details are in a red font.  What does that mean?

    2. It looks like the license codes for the Operating System, Internet Explorer and Symantec Backup Exec report the same license codes on machines where all three are present.  The OS and IE having the same license code makes sense, but can someone explain why Backup Exec would report the same license code.

    #. Where are the product keys / license codes read from?  I assume it is from registry entries.  If so, where is the Windows license code listed.  The reason I ask is because I have a server that reports the license code as BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB-BBBBB.  I want to try and figure out if the problem is that it is in this registry this way form some reason or if it is not being read correctly.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Anything with a red font means there is a duplicate licence in that group, OK if you have a load of machines from the vendors factory with the same installation on it but not so good if bought from Joe's the Computer shop.

    The OS and IE will have the same licence for obvious reasons but I'd never noticed the BE one being listed as the same, same happening at my end.  Looks like a wee bug that needs ironed out.

    Most apps that I have used in the past to read this information (magical jelly bean finder springs to mind) from the registry but Microsoft have since changed where this data is stored since the arrival of Seven & Server 2008 and kaseya seems unable to gather this so puts in the B's.

  • Also one thing to keep in mind is that the License Key codes for Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (Any Flavor) cannot be trusted.

    Per Kaseya Techs:  Microsoft changed their reverse algorithm for this application and its been broke for a while, we are waiting on an update from Microsoft to resolve this issue.

    No ETA was given.

  • One of my colleagues was running reports today and found that the product keys were not listed for several Microsoft Office 2010 installations (Viso and Project).   Does the reverse algorithm problem still exist, or should the be resolved?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • officeKey.zip

    The attached VB script will retrieve the license key for Office 2010 Enterprise. Perhaps Kaseya can build this into their audit procedure for everyone else.

  • Oh and please note, that it does matter if Office is 32/64-bit. For example, if you're on 64-bit Windows and running 32-bit Office, the script will need to run as a 32-bit cscript.exe to find the license. There are ways to work around this programatically, but I never bothered to develop it.