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How to get Kaseya to send alert email from a separate email address.

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I need Kaseya to email me from different email address based on the OU of the agent its reporting on.

How is this attainable.


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  • Hi Curtis

    I didn't do this for agents but for servicedesk alerting, so not sure if it will help or answer your question, but you cant blame me for trying :)

    What i did was, under servicedesk> configure> Procedure variables

    I created a new variable, and the value given was an email address.

    For eg: new variable , email_clientname and the value name@clientdomain

    Then, when sending a mail, the sender field was set to [$email_clientname$]

    bare in mind we owned the domain from which we are sending.

    hope it helps.


  • Might see if I can tweak something like that.

    Thanks! Will let you know the catch is I am trying to send as email domains I do NOT own ;)

    Its for automating some processes.