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Agent Menu broken in Windows 7?

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I just noticed something really odd.    It looks like none of the Agent Menu customization works on Windows 7.   It  looks right in XP, but if I right-click the icon on a Windows 7 x64 system, all I get is Kaseya stuff.  

This is with Agent

I don't see any indication anyone else has noticed this.  Is it just me?


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  • Ken - it's working fine on all the Seven machines I've tested it on.  I've just made a change to a couple of the agents on my internal system (32 & 64 bit Seven machines) and both menu's changed.  I had to change the 64bit one twice but I think that's because I made the change whilst it was switched off.

    Do you still have red text on the update page or has it 'gone' black?