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Anybody Seen this - c:\program files\kaseya\agent\desktopacces\ktvnserver.exe

  • Hi folks,


    Had a client call in today and he machine had been taken over by outside source - they were looking in his email and other things.

    The file that was part of this was the link above - anybody seen this.

    If you do a google for tvnserver.exe you get lots of hits but nothing for ktvnserver.exe 


    Is it just a case that they are trying to hide behind kaseya and if so how did they know it was there in the first place...???


    Lots of worrying questions





  • Hi, I have seen this exe to.

    I got this feedback from kaseya:

    Hi Richard,

    I believe this is the new VNC file that is used on the latest version of Kaseya. It will be auto-deployed when you connect to a machine through KLC or Remote Control.

  • I believe it's the TightVNC Server application that is used by KLC - Kaseya do like to prefix applications with a K