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Safe Mode Boot not working

  • Is anyone else experiencing problems with the reboot to safe mode after kaseya updated to k2?

    If you are does this error look familiar to you?

    "Line 29"

    "Char 1"



    If you are not having any problems with your Kaseya procedure would you be kind enough to upload a zip file with all the necessary files?


  • "800A0046' appears to be a "permission denied" message. Have you looked at that line of the script to see what action it's attempting to perform?

  • the line that says permission denied,

    'Open Boot.ini for writing and write new text

    Set ts = objFSO.OpenTextFile (BootIni, ForWriting)

    ts.write Report


    WScript.Sleep 300


    I am having trouble consistently using the reboot to safe mode and reboot to normal mode script. its like i can only get it to run once a day and anything after that i don't get any action. it's terrible.

  • resolved. Found several spots where the script would hang inside the vbs file.