Hello Guys,

I am facing this issue with multiple machines, Agent status of these (some) machines are offline in kaseya even if they are online. I have done the further troubleshooting from my side as you can see below but it did not resolve the issue i am facing:-

Checked the agent status via Agent status, the last check in time of this machine is 3:21:17 pm 25-Oct-10.
Checked the existence of this machine via view LAN, this machine is found there and the check in time is 9:52:39 am 30-Mar-11.
Checked Task Manager, no process found (Agentmon.Exe).
Restarted the Kaseya agent services, still process not appeared in the Task manager.
Gone through with All Programe> Kaseya> Kaseya Agent.
Now the Agentmon.exe is appearing in the task manager.
Machine is still appearing offline in Kaseya.

What more I can do now for this agent to get it online?Big Smile

Thank you,