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Remote Control issues with Built-in Mac VNC client

  • We have a bunch of Macs running 10.5-10.6, and under Remote Control they only have Built-in VNC.  I know that with Leopard and on, Apple built VNC into the OS, but it is so unreliable when it comes to Kaseya.  Is there a way to get KVNC to work on the newer OS's, and to be able to change the control type to KVNC instead of built-in?


    I just started testing Mac's more thoroughly with Kaseya, and I have developed a handful of scripts for cleaning, updates, etc if someone is interested also.



    Thanks for any help,



  • Hi Joe, I am using Kaseya on a lot of Macs but only just starting to leverage it better.  I'd like to see some of your scripts if you want to upload them to the KB?  I am having a *lot* of problems with KLC but only in the last few days so I feel something in the Mac KLC was broken just recently.  I just discovered that if I use Remote Control from a Windows machine it will launch a TightVNC window and connect to a Mac.  KLC from my MacBook (10.5) is completely broken at the moment :-(

  • Here is an article about klc problems on a mac:


    As for the scripts, is there a place to put them?  I don't see a script area in the MAC KB section?

  • You can upload your scripts here: community.kaseya.com/.../default.aspx TIA

  • Hi Simon,

    We've recently released a hotfix that addresses some issues with Mac OS X 10.5. Have you applied those? Are you still having issues with KLC on Mac OS X?

  • Patrick - Windows to Mac OS X 10.5 was fixed.  I still cannot do KLC FROM Mac OS 10.5 to anything...

  • I would be interested in your mac scripts.  Please post them in the resource center.

  • Ok, I uploaded the scripts, and here is the link:


    I'm still having issues controlling a 10.6 Mac, does anyone have it working?

  • Windows to Mac OS X 10.6 is working fine for me in Firefox (3).  Next thing is to upgrade to FF4...

  • I have ff4, an I'm guessing you are using IE tab or some other add-on?  It does the same thing IE does, it counts down and then something flashes on my screen.  I have reinstalled the agent on my Mac a couple times trying to get it to work.