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KRlyCCon.exe - Remote Control and Relay Client Status

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I am getting a pop up every time I remote into anything that says..


KRlyCCon.exe - Remote Control and Relay Client Status

Processing for session ID 123456789 started on Mar 11 08:05:37.

The relay client has been tasked to run kVncViewer.exe on this machine.

kVncViewer.exe is already running and waiting for connections on port 5500.

Successfully connected to VSA server at 192.168.X.X:5721

Starting a 5 minute wait for a response from the relay client that is initiating the connection for this remote control session.... Done.

Connecting to the remote control application kVncViewer.exe on this machine....Done.

Starting the relay at 08:05:42 for this encrypted remote control session...


I have to close it every time and it's just annoying.  I am the only that uses Kaseya getting this and it happens no matter what computer I use.  I must have changed a setting somewhere in Kaseya.



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  • You have Verbose Relay enabled.  Unclick the checkbox in Remote Control and it will go away.

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