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Security Generated Protection Disabled ALARM at 2/8/2011 11:33:48 AM on machinename.root.companyname.

  • Hey Guys,


    I have a problem with my one of the customer's machine, It has Link Scanner Disabled. I have restarted the Security services and also I have re-assigned the KES profile to it but still no effect.

    I want to know, is there any possible way through which I can troubleshoot this issue?

    Thank you.,

    Amit Kumar Sharma

  • Reboot the machine, if you haven't already, and then try re-applying the profile. If that doesn't fix it, remove and re-install KES.

  • -make sure Kagent version is latest on it.

    -make sure file source is correct.

    -make sure license not expired.


  • Link Scanner is not controlled by the profile alone. During the initial install of KES, did you have LinkScanner selected in the KES Install Options? If not, then you have to uninstall KES, verify option is turned on in KES setup, then re-push KES to the machine.

  • Hey Alex,

    Thank you for your response on it...

    Finally I have removed and re-installed the KES on the affected machine, now it it fine...



  • Guys....sorry for my last statement...

    Actually , re-installing the KES on the machine also did not work to resolve the issue.

    Still the KES status is same on this machine.

    Please help...

    Thank you,