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What is difference between “Initial patch update” and “Install missing patches run now” feature?

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Hello Guys,

I am not sure if these two  “Initial patch update” and “Install missing patches Run now” feature of kaseya work for the same reason.

I am also keen to know that what scripts run behind these both features?

Could anybody help me reagarding this?


Thank Much in Adv,

Amit Kumar Sharma

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  • Initial patch updates -- These applied when soon after applying patch policy to newly added machine. Initial updates over ride the reboot action and will immediately reboot the machine. so this should be tried off hours or over weekend. This is basically to bring new added machine to latest patch level.

    Install missing patches. If because of some reason if a machine failed to get patched. This is a manual way to push those patches.

  • Amit,

    Regarding your question about what scrips run in the background, you can check the logs for that information for any process that fires scripts.  Depending on the version of Kaseya you are running, the script log will be called either "Script Log" (in versions 6.01 and prior) or "Agent Procudure Log" (version 6.1 and later).  The time of script execution, the name of the script, and the admin that ran the script is listed in the logs, along with the success/failure/error messages related to each script.