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Has anyone uninstalled LabTech... via script??

  • We have just taken a customer from another MSP who uses LabTech.

    There is no un-install program on the local hard drives.


    I want to know if anyone knows a way to get LabTech agents off PC's.


    At this stage it loks like:

    Killing tasks - LTSVC,  LTTray  and LTSvcmon

    Stopping Services: LTService and LTSvcmon

    Removing folders:  %programfiles%\labtech client     and   %systemroot%\LTSVC

    Deleting registry:   HKLM\Software\Labtech


    Does anyone have anything cleaner that this??

  • i've found the labtech agent is amazingly persistent. Good luck.

  • There is an uninstall program which would probably make life a lot easier for you. If they have a login to the old LabTech system, they should be able to download it themselves. It may be on the LabTech site but if not, ping me an email to graham at appichar dot co dot uk and I'll see what I can do.

    (I'm in the process of going the other way, using Kaseya to install LabTech agents before having it remove itself. All good fun.)

  • LabUninstall.zip

    Here's the uninstaller

  • Think we should start a new thread covering the removal of all other known Managed Service solutions :)

  • Thank You Patrick,

    I will try this and let everyone know how things have gone.

  • This works great.

    We download the uninstaller to the local workstation and run it using the System account.

  • LabUninstall.zip

    If you're running Kaseya 6.1, grab the attached zip. Extract the XML somewhere, then import it via your Agent Procedures tab.

    You'll see you now have a script to run the Labtech Uninstaller EXE. You will need to place the labuninstall.exe in the Managed Files section of your Kaseya server and make sure the procedure properly links to this exe.

    You also will have a second procedure  that will attempt to "Scrub" a system manually of any Labtech components.

    For the scrubbing procedure, there are some registry keys it won't  remove in the HKEY_USERS hive. These will need to be removed with some searching logic in a vbscript or FOR loop in the command line in the future.

    Everything else is removed though, and these keys are pretty harmless artifacts from the Labtech installation that shouldn't pose any issues if they are left behind.

  • I found the problem with the Labtech Uninstaller was that the client machine needed .NET 3.5 installed for it to work. So, instead, I just ran the following:

    executeShellCommand MsiExec.exe /X{3F460D4C-D217-46B4-80B6-B5ED50BD7CF5} /qn /norestart

    This seems to work well so far for the machines I've pushed it out to and LabTech has been removed afterwards.

    Hope that helps.