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Kaseya online Backup install Failure

  • Hey all,

    Just a word of warning to anyone thinking of installing the online backup.

    While doing the install this morning it failed halfway through and since then the kserver has been hammering the seperate sql server so much it's become unusable. It's left us dead in the water with all monitoring disabled as nothing can check in.

    So far all kaseya support have been able to do is ask me if I can try reinstalling it and that's coming from their senior support. Since the SQL server is running at 100% on CPU and memory reinstalling is taking hours. Needless to say we've just had nearly a full day down due to the failed install of KOB. Oh how I wish I never bothered with it

  • Sorry to hear it.  I installed today with no problems but it will NOT install anything to endpoints, they all fail!  After many failed module installations I am very careful with installations: - isolate K2 on the network, disable the email reader for ticketing, shutdown the VM, snapshot it, restart, install module, check a few things, if they look ok, reconnect the agents and email reader...  Good luck.

  • I installed without issues last night, however I'm also getting failed endpoint installations.  Been waiting all day for support to resolve it.

  • My endpoints have finally been able to backup.  Very, very, very slowly...