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Removing Organizations in K2

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1) Is there a quick way of removing organizations in kaseya2? As we have just upgraded to Kaseya 2 and to remove organizations I have to delete agents within the machine group, then delete machine group within the organization then delete the organization. 

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  • Hi Jazzy,

    I''ve heard from our Sales Account Manager that Kaseya K2 will soon have a hotfix,  so that it is possible to change machinegroup to another Organisation.  Maybe it will then be possible to0 to  clear out,  or move an organisation.

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  • From a higher level, why are you looking to delete organizations?  They will help you better manage your customers and as Kaseya adds to its Auditing capabilities will allow you to have better visibility into the account?  If you're using a 3rd party tool then it will be easier for those tools to integrate and automatically synchronize or pull that data.

    For my partners who just upgraded, I ask them to not delete organizations (or the root groups) for about a month.  After about a month of getting use to the new orgs/groups no one deletes them and the added value that they will provide in the coming year is huge.

    - Max

  • Thank you for your prompt replies, We have just migrated from k5 to k6 and there are about 400 seats that have cancelled/changed workstations in 2009 and are still in the system.  All im trying to achieve is a cleanup of all the old accounts/machine groups/organizations.  Instead of removing them one at a time, can get quite a tedious task.  Hence my question about a quicker way of removing a bunch of organizations without going into each screen eg. agent - remove - machine group - remove - org - remove x 400 :(