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Remote access for clients with or without liveconnect

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I want to provide remote access for clients to their computers.  I assumed since VLC is built in there would be a way to configure this so they only had limited access.  I even posted the question on this forum before trying Kaseya and was told it could be done but didn't get any details.  I tried following the instructions in this post http://community.kaseya.com/xsp/f/132/p/8174/39484.aspx which seemed to be on the right track but I end up with an error saying I don't have enough administrator licenses.  When I create a User Role I have 3 options for type of user role: IT Center, Kaseya Support, and Portal Billing.  IT center is the only one that lets me move on to the next step in the instructions above but I have used all of my it center licenses.  I guess my questions are what exactly are the 3 roles?  I have searched for them all over Kaseya.com and can't find much information on the other 2 roles.  Second question, can I create a role that will allow remote access without using an IT center license for each user assigned to that role?




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  • I thought it was a pretty good post... Assuming that you followed the last post in the thread...

    In any case, what version are you on? I'm still slacking on 6.0.1 and have "End User" and "VSA Admin" as choices for user roles.

    If you're on 6.1.x sorry I can't help until I feel confident that the update will be benificial to us.

  • This might be where my problem is.  Right now I'm on 6.1 ITCenter and not on my own server.  I know both are K2 but there seems to be more then just some minor differences between having your own and going with the hosted Saas.  Even in 6.0 I could not do this and had all of the same options.

  • Oh and I was refering to the last post in the thread.  I get all the way through to the point where I create a user (last major step) and I try to assign a role to him but the role I created in the previous steps gives me an error saying I don't have any free IT center admin licenses left.  I don't argue that I don't have licenses since I only have 1 admin but it seems I should be able to do this without using one.

  • It could be because you are are hosted... or ITC or what ever the new word for SaaS is called. I'm not sure.

  • On the agent page, do you have the ability to give portal access?

  • I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean by giving portal access on the agent page, can you be more specific?

  • I was just setting up a new user for this and recalled that this thread.

    Chilids if you're still having issues, could you clarify something for me:

    Under system |> User Security > User Roles.

    What is listed here and are you able to create new roles?

    This would coincide with the first step in the link you posted.  This may also be the key to your problem,  if you're able to create new roles but are not able to assign them you may need to open a ticket with support.

  • Thank you for not forgetting about this question.  When I go there I have my ITcenter role and then a remote access one I created.  So yes I can create roles.  I think my problem is when I create a role I have to decide what type of role it will be and my options are: ITCenter, Kaseya Portal Billing, Kaseya Portal Labs, and Kaseya Portal Support.  If I use ITCenter I can set everything up but it tries to use an administrator license which I don't have any available.  I never have been told what the other 3 are but I can't seem to get them to work either.

  • This may be something that you need to bring up with support, as I'm not sure what those options are either.

    Or this might be something you take up with your sales rep.  Personally I can see the advantages of doing it this way.  But others may not.  In anycase sorry this didn't work out for you, and if you are able to make headway please let us know what you did, others may be interested.