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What controls how long a Remote control session will sit there idle - its seems to vary wildly

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Hi all,

Does anybody know what controls how long an RDP from Kaseya to a server will sit idle for.

Some servers you could be connected to for days and they would not disconnect but others if you blink away from them they disconnect.


It just seems so inconsistent - is it something on the actual box itself that does it?

I know its not the computer lock feature as I have often gone back to a session and had to unlock it.


Any ideas



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  • I work from home often and use Kaseya to rdp into my desktop at work and work like that, I've had it open now for about 2 days without interruption. Try checking on the rdp timeout set on the local machine you're connecting to. Also what's your Kaseya Login expire time set to? I've noticed that if I log off of kaseya my RDP session will also drop.

  • RDP time-outs or maybe short dsl hickups?

  • currently there's a 1 hour timeout on the Kaseya relay connection (found it in the KB) for every remote control method except for RDP. so I can only imagine that the timeout is coming from the client side.

  • yeah but the quesiton is where on the client - as I said definitely different for different servers some stay on for ever and some are gone in now time..

    Would love to get to the bottom of it...

  • IIRC there is a remote session idle time out in GP