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RDP Timeouts

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There were a couple of threads going back to the old forums regarding RDP timeouts but I could not find a response to them.

Is anyone else having issues with RDP connections disconnecting after 5-10mins and is there a workaround? Don't seem to have this issue with non-K RDP connections.


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  • Hi...

    I've had the same issue, and noticed the following: RDP does disconnect only when you leave the RDP window REDUCED in the system tray.

    When I left the window somehow in the foreground (although other windows were on the top of it) I wasn't experiencing the issue, and the session was still happily open after waiting for 45 minutes.

    This points to the way the OS is handling minimised windows. It may be that after a few minutes, the OS shuts completely the network traffic on the "Reduced RDP window", hence the connection drop-out.



  • HTG, that is very interesting. Is there a citation/source for that information?

  • I used to have this issue, it was resolved by a KLC manual fix about six months ago for me (by support)...

    Have you tried the new KLC code? I'll see if I can dig out the emails I had previously regarding the timeout issue. Which version of the VSA and agent are you on?

    - on second thoughts. Is this timeout occuring whilst you're at the machine, or is it happening if/when you walk away? One thing we did find was that when using the rdp, the kaseya session would timeout which was a complete pain! Apparently the VSA had no way of telling if you were typign etc in an RDP window and therefore just detects no activity.

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