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Live Connect for Firefox 4?

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Hi There!

Two very strange things happened in the last few days.

1) IE Is now saying it needs to reinstall the live connect agent despite having only used it yesterday.

2) Firefox 4 Beta 10 is released and I would very much like to know if there is a way to get Live Connect working with it (As my browser of choice).

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  • There was an update to the KLC files last week that once installed will force your browser to install the new version hence the prompt in IE.  

  • Hello,

    1. From time-to-time we will update the Live Connect plug-in, which requires the browser to install the latest version.

    2. Live Connect supports the latest GA version of Explorer, FireFox and Safari. With the 6.1 release (GA shortly) we've added support for Chrome as well. We cannot support beta versions of any browser because the potential for changes from browser build to browser build makes it impossible to develop and test against.

  • How soon after GA releases of browsers (IE9 and FF4 are coming within the next month) will LC support them?