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Working Directory in K2

  •      Has anyone else had the situation where the Working Directory in K2 keeps changing names? I had (temp directory in pre-K2) set up as c:\companyname but it keeps changing to c:\companyname1, etc. I changed it back to c:\companyname but it changes it again with a # appended to the end.

  • I've seen this when multiple agents are installed in parallel on one machine.  The first agent gets "kworking" and the next agent gets "kworking1" and soforth...

  • How do I tell if there's 2 agents on the machine and then remove one of them? Is there a master kaseya .ini file somewhere that could be resetting the Working Directory?

  • Usually it will show 2 agents in Add/Remove Programs

  • I checked and there was only one instance of Kaseya in Add/Remove Programs. I've gotten some to stay changed by changing in Agent> Working Directory and Live Connect> Agent Settings> Working Directory at the same time, but some changed back after a short time period. I just changed 1 that had turned back and also edited the C:\Program Files\Kaseya\Agent\KaseyaD.ini file reference. Will see it that holds...

  • Check services.msc and/or program files directories for agents.  We hide our agent from add/remove programs.  Even task manager to see if multiples are running

  • One note of interest. The two groups that we are having this issue with are both running Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Anti-Virus. Any other Trend users having this issue?

  • I have seen this too. In my case I was able to fix the issue by deleting the C:\CompanyName directory and then changing the Working Directory to C:\CompanyName. The agent will recreate the directory and begin using it.

  • Thanks, I will give that a try!

  •    I deleted the working directories and changed (reset) them back to c:\companyname but when my daily scripts ran and it checks the Trend Micro Defs Age, they went back to c:\companyname1. Both companies just renewed their Trend Micro AV licenses and the issues appear to have started since then. I'm excluding c:\program files\kaseya and c:\companyname in Trend WFB.

      What program does K2 use at the client for executing scripts?