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Bulk edits of custom field data not working in 6.01?

  • In 5.2, I used to be able to change the value of a custom field and then be prompted whether I wanted to apply the same value to custom field in all of the agents in the current filtered view.  That functionality appears to have been replaced by "Bulk edit" of custom fields in the Audit area.  It appears as if the intent was to be able to apply changes to a custom field to all agents in the current view using bulk edits, but I can only get the selected agent to change.  All of the others in the view remain unchanged.   I use Chrome for 90% of my browsing.  Is this a Chrome vs. IE issue?  Is it a bug?  Or am I missing something?


  • Same problem here Jim.  Feature is there in 5.7 but not in 6.0.1.

  • this is a issue that has been escalate to the dev team.  they are working on a on a fix.  i have no estimated time for a fix.

    Prior to K2 SP1, Bulk edits of custom field data was available.  when SP1 was released, the functionalty changed and the text was not updated.  SP1 changed to a agent selection style of a radio button and only allows a single agent at a time to modify the custom fields.