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Filtering on Service Levels in Organizations

  • Just wondering how other people may be doing this.   We tend to have 4 different class of customers.  Fully Managed,  Audit Only, 3rd Party, etc.  

    The bulk of our work is on Fully Managed machines, somewhat obvious.  Let pick a simple task like sending out a message to all machines that are Fully Managed.   Currently we have to go to each client, knowing who is fully managed, select each one and broad cast the message.

    We have in the past used a custom field to identify what level of management a machine is that, but that can be cumbersome.

    We've looked at creating 4 new organizations (1,2,3,4) and putting Fully Managed under 1, Audit Only under 2, etc.   but I'm not sure that is the right approach.

    In an orgnization, you can set a custom field to identify the SLA, but I've seen no way on the filters to filter by an orgnizations properties, only by machine properties.

    Anyone care to share how they are addressing this?

  • We still use the custom fields, yes it is cumbersome but we've found it to be the most effective way for us to separate our SLA's

  • In K2 we utilise the Scope features to separate or different SLA's. You will be able to perform all tasks against just the SLA class that you configure a scope for. It does require a little configuration when setting up the org initially but works properly as far as I can see.

  • We also use scopes for this and it seems to work well.

    The only  issue I have found with Scopes is reporting.  You Can report on MachineID, Groups and Views...  But not scopes.