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"multiple agents installed" errors and how to correct?

  • We migrated from a Kaseya 5 hosted solution to a new in-house K2 solution. Although we unistalled the old agents on all of the workstations, there are some that apparently still have traces.


    I dont see any traces of the old agent, but some things like the application blocker are reporting on some systems that there are multiple agents on the machine and the other agent is using the driver. (so it cant activate the blocker)


    Any ideas how to resolve this?


  • double check your kaseyad.ini and  kaseyafw.ini files, also check the agent temp dir files. you'll probably need to stop all kaseya functions to remove the bad files.

  • I just compared two systems: one "good" one "bad" and found no difference in the ini files.  what temp files should I look for?

  • The Kaseya 5 and the K2 have different install paths, so you shouldn't be comparing a "good" to a "bad" system, rather find out if there are 2 (for this example) KaseyaFW.ini files.  IIRC that is where the app blocker info is kept.

    as for the agent temp dir files I would say double check all of them.